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How to Use Ten Money-Saving Holiday Tips
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Written by GemstonePink   



1.  Stop Those Needles from Dropping:  You can prevent needles from dropping from fresh Christmas wreaths and garlands by spraying them with hairspray before hanging.  Less mess for you.


2.  Make a Ribbon from a Dollar Bill or Two:  Just fold the dollar bill, or bills, accordion style, then tie with ribbon to the package that contains the gift.


3.  Let the Kids Help with Wrapping Paper:  Friends and relatives will delight in a Christmas gift that has been festooned with drawings made by little hands.  Use inexpensive butcher paper for the kids' Christmas-themed drawings.


4.  Save Your Prunings:    In the spring, save those evergreen and bush trimmings and save them for Christmas.  Spray the trimmings with gold, red, silver or green paint to enhance your Christmas decor.  The spray-painted trimmings look great when placed in urns, atop a mantelpiece and more.


5.  Heavy-Duty Velcro:  Heavy-duty velcro is perfect for attaching outdoor decorations that stay put.  Lights, wreaths, garlands and more stay in place until ready to be removed.  Make sure the velcro is attached to brick or cement and not painted outdoor surfaces.


6.  Magical Lights:  Placing mini Christmas lights under white, sheer curtain material on fireplace mantles, tables, and under the tree makes for a magical glow.


7.  Solar Lights:   Those solar lights you used all summer long can be used to decorate your yard when you attach a red bow to each light using heavy-duty velcro.  


8.  Popcorn Strands:  You can freeze popcorn strands and use them next year on the Christmas tree.


9.  Make a Gift Basket:  Just go to your local resale shop, purchase a pretty basket for next to nothing ,and fill each basket with gift items.  Make sure to attach a pretty Christmas bow!


10.  You Can Iron It:    Yep, you can iron out those tissue-paper wrinkles!


Tip:  Make sure to have plenty of batteries on hand for the Christmas season.  Toys for the kids and battery-operated Christmas decorations will need those batteries  close at hand.  


Warning:  Make sure to buy quality batteries.  Batteries from the local dollar store do not have as much staying power.