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How to Save Time and Money with the Best Christmas Tips
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1.  Artificial Snow:  A window looks festive when sprayed with some artificial snow.  Removal of artificial snow can be a hassle though.  So, before spraying the artificial snow on your windows, spray the area that is to be sprayed with artificial snow with cooking spray.  When the holiday is over, the artificial snow will be easy as can be to wipe from the windows.


2.  Wire Ties:  If your Christmas lights are slipping from outdoor trees, then just grab those wire twist ties that come with boxes and bags of kitchen garbage bags and use the ties to make sure the lights stay put.


3.  Freeze Tinsel:  Tinsel, when applied a strand at a time, gives a beautiful festive look to a Christmas tree.  Freeze the tinsel before putting it on your tree to avoid static cling that results in clumps of tinsel rather than single strands.  Leave the tinsel in the freezer for a day or two before use.


4.  Nightlights:  You can buy inexpensive nighlights at your local Dollar Store.  Screw in red and green Christmas tree lights to give your house a holiday glow that will delight all.


5.  Removing Tinsel from Christmas Tree:   If you want to remove tinsel from an artificial or real Christmas tree for use next year, use a wire doggie brush to make removal easy as can be.


6.  Freeze Eggnog:  You can freeze eggnog in ice cube trays to use as a topping for cake, fruit or even ice cream.  You can also make Popsicle treats from left-over eggnog, non-alcohol eggnog that is, by inserting Popsicle sticks into each compartment of an ice-cube tray that has been filled with eggnog. 


7.  Berry Baskets for Cookies:  Grab a berry basket made of plastic, line the basket with a paper napkin or aluminum foil, and fill the basket, with a bow attached, with homemade cookies.  The green plastic baskets with a red bow certainly say "Christmas!"


8.  Tomato Trays:  Save those long rectangular tomato trays so that you can pack each tray with cookies that stand end-to-end.  Line the tray with a pretty napkin in a festive color.  Tie a bow on the basket and those cookies are good to go!


9.  Garlands:  The birds will thank you if you hang popcorn garlands, that you remove from your indoor Christmas tree, and hang those popcorn garlands on the branches of outdoor trees and bushes.  You can freeze your popcorn garlands in airtight containers and use them for next year's Christmas tree, if desired.


10. Wrap It:  Just print out a beautiful Christmas-themed photo from your computer and use that scene-covered piece of paper to wrap small gifts.  Better yet, personalize that themed piece of paper with the gift recipient's name too.



Tip:  If you can get your hands on a large travel poster, use that posture to wrap a box of medium size.


Warning;  Keep cats and dogs away from Christmas trees due to the danger of broken ornaments finding their way into those pet paws if the ornaments fall to the floor and shatter into little, sharp pieces.