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How to ruin a relationship
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Written by tracysmith159   

After many years together couples something wonder what happen to their relationship. It’s those couples you see who do nothing but argue and can’t even stand to take the same vacations or be home at the same time. In today’s world many get divorced or just live miserable with each other. How sad it must be to not want to spend time with the person you are married to. Here is a look at how relationships get ruined.


Go out alone


Head out to the local parties, bars, and friends home and let your spouse do something else or sit at home. Now this can be healthy every now and then if the couple is having issues getting along, but if you are constantly doing things separately then you are hurting the relationship.

Over time the couples spend very little time together and start to not know what is going on in each other lives. People change over time and you have to spend time together.


Hold grudges


Holding a grudges is just plain dumb. No one can change the past no matter how much they may want to. The bottom line is either you forgive or you allow that mistake to ruin everything.

Relationships can be repaired with things go astray but not with any grudges. If a grudge is held then the person need to decide to ruin the relationship or let it go and move on.



Keep Secrets


Do what you want and just don’t tell your spouse. Their feelings and opinion don’t matter. Might as well do as you want and buy what you want.


Communication is the most important bond a couple has. If the communication is full of lies, half truths, and secrets then the couple really don’t know who the real person is they are married to. If a person is going to do whatever they want and just hide it from each other, it is just per disrespect to the relationship.


Think of yourself


No need to worry about the other person. Consider you needs and wants first. Then have double standard if the spouse does the same thing. When called out on thinking about yourself make sure to wallow in self pitty, If possible make the other person feel like it is their fault.




Above is the perfect way to end a relationship. Follow these steps and over time you’ll be a single person. Even when people really love you, this will successfully push them away.