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How to Learn Business or Global English
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Written by Ashish Khurana   

Today’s managers are expected to have global and business English skills to work in a global market. For this they must be able to understand English and its accents in different parts of the world because of cultural differences between speakers of different regions and have strong communication skills. Some thinkers have identified business or global English as the most influential language for business in future.

English has become the most accepted language in the world today and has gained wide acceptance in all cultures and countries. Improve communication skills are appreciated around the world and managers today are expected to possess global English skills. With the advent of globalization in last decade of twentieth century it became possible for easier and increased cross-border capital flows and trade. So much so English has emerged as the lingua franca of the world in the twentieth century or in other words global or business English  promises to grow in the future as the language of the new age knowledge economy and good communication skills are the key to survive in this economy.

As per statistical estimates, English is spoken by some two billion people at various levels of fluency around the world, including 380 million native speakers (people in the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, and Australia), and also by those who learn it as a second or foreign language. English is rapidly evolving as the global medium of communication and business or global English is promoted by various education companies. The global or Business English curriculum at T.r.i.c.k.s is designed to fill this gap effectively through conversation practice and developing strong and improve communication skills and various aspects of English like grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

Whilst English traditionally has spread through the British conquests in today global market one of the main reasons for spread of English is the power of persuasion where America companies like Microsoft, MTV, McDonald's, Coke etc have propagated global English through marketing messages and good delivery and customer service. All these require the use of your business or global English so that one powerful message can be delivered to all customers around the world. For careers in knowledge of global or business English is highly desirable and is being delivered to students with the help of computer based tutorials and exercises at the Tricks centre. A dedicated language lab is available where students can get feedback on their exercises in English and identify their problem areas for developing and improve communication skills.