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How to Return to Normal After the Holidays
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Written by Tom Fowler   


Most of us, at least to some degree, ate too much or otherwise partied a little hard over the holiday season. Here are one man’s tips on how to recover and return to normal.

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The first thing is to recognize the holiday season is over. It is now time to return to normal and re-establish healthy life and work habits. The holidays are a nice, festive time but it is equally as important to get back to a regular routine.

If you need to lose a bit of weight gained during the “partying” season, you will need to cut back on caloric intake and resume regular exercise. This should not be hard to do because you have not been out of your regimen for long. Still, it is well to remember that bad habits become ingrained quickly.

You need not overdue either diet or exercise, just cut back a little bit on food and exercise a little more than normal. If you gained a few pounds they should not be hard to take off – but you will have to be focused and disciplined.

End of the year is chaotic in most industries for a variety of reasons. Now is the time to get back to work, both physically and mentally. Truth be told, it is hard to maintain concentration on work during a festive season. Get back into the proper mental mindset and work routine now.

Don’t let post-holiday depression bite you. This can happen if you spent too much money for Christmas or another religious observance. The time to avoid this was, of course, during the shopping season. If you did overdo spending, form a plan to pay down credit card purchases and stick to it. You should be OK in a few months.

If you experienced death or tragedy in any way last year, chances are you did not enjoy the holidays and may be depressed now for a number of reasons. Let me gently remind that this happens to most of us sooner or later and the passing of the holidays is no doubt a relief to you. Take comfort in the fact that next year will probably be a more joyous time.


This is important so I will emphasize again -- re-establish all of your normal routines immediately after the New Year.

If you are experiencing the “hangover” effect, know that it will not last, especially if you are concentrating on the year ahead.