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How to Organize Christmas Decorations for Storage
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Written by Susan Golis   

Amazon.com ornament storage containerThe best way to organize your Christmas home decorations for storage is to breakdown by category and by room before packing your holiday decor in plastic storage bins, tree bags, and ornament boxes.

Step 1

Choose a storage container that will meet your needs. There are a variety of containers available, from units that will slide under your bed to storage containers that will stack neatly on top of each other.  These containers are good for garland, wreaths, kitchen accessories, and table linens.

For tree ornaments pack them in plastic containers that have spacers. It is helpful to line the box with bubble wrap or fill with Styrofoam peanuts.

For an artificial Christmas tree choose a storage bag that is made of  moisture-proof material to protect your tree.  A bag that has heavy double handles and wheels will make it easier to transport from home to storage area.

Step 2

Take time to organize your Christmas decorations by category; Christmas tree, kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, and foyer.

Step 3

Wrap the breakable décor items with plastic bubble wrap and set them aside. Pack breakable items in a separate box.

Line the bottom and sides of the storage bin with bubble wrap before you fill the container with your breakable Christmas decorations.

Step 4

Fill a storage container with garland and wreaths.  If you are leaving the glass ornaments on these decor items then wrap the garland and wreaths with bubble wrap before putting into storage containers.

Step 5

Organize a kitchen container by packing your Christmas kitchen towels, placemats and table linens.  Fold your cloth decorations and wrap them in tissue paper.  The paper will help to keep them from getting wrinkled.

Wrap your breakable holiday plates and kitchen accessories in bubble wrap before storing. Pack your Christmas kitchen container by adding the heavier décor items first.  Layer the box by adding a sheet of bubble wrap, to protect the glass items from breaking.  Set the cloth décor items on top.  Cover with the lid and label the Christmas container with the room category and contents.


When you organize your Christmas decorations by category it is easier to find them and decorate your home the following year.