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How to Buy Gifts for Coworkers

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Written by Susan Golis   

Buying gifts takes planning; one need to shop around at stores online and in malls to get the best price and to purchase a gift that will be appreciated.  They also need to determine what their coworker’s likes and dislikes are.  Giving a gift to a coworker is an easy task provided you know what they want.

Step 1

Listen for gift ideas by joining in on a conversation about gifts likes and dislikes. Listen for clues as to what everyone wants for their birthday or Christmas.

Step 2

Take note of what the co-worker mentions.  List their top 5 gifts that they want.

Step 3

Another way to determine what a coworker wants is to look at their office space.  If you see photographs of family members attached to the filing cabinet with a magnet, note that a frame for the photograph would be appreciated, also a personalized magnet.

Step 5

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 </script>Look for gift signs; is their coffee mug old, faded or chipped? They may want a new mug for their morning coffee or tea.  Do they use the keyboard all day long and then mention that their hand hurts at the end of the day.  If so buy a gel supportive mousepad for the coworker.  You can get a lot of gift ideas from observing coworkers cubical.


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Step 6

Learn more about your coworkers by planning a group lunch.  While at lunch discuss gift ideas for another worker.  Example:  I thought I would get Marybeth a personalized coffee mug from zazzle.com this year for the company Christmas party, what do you think?  Expect to hear gift tips and valuable ideas.

Step 7

Ask about the food and the service at the restaurant and listen for replies.  If a coworker raves about the place and says that they will definitely come back.  Then buy a gift certificate for $5.00, $10.00 or $15.00 for your coworker’s birthday or Christmas gift. The gift certificate will certainly be appreciated and put to good use.

Step 8

What are the coworker’s habits?  Do they seem to get tired in the afternoon or do they caves something sweet?  If so then make up a festive tin of homemade cookies and candies.   A gift that is made by you and not bought from the bakery is always appreciated.


Shop around for the best price for gifts.

Buy high quality gifts from the internet by reading product review.  Look for gifts with four or more stars and many customer reviews.

Purchase gifts that are not final sales.  In the event that the coworker does not want the gift, it is better to allow them to return or exchange than to re-gift.

Consider giving the coworker a gift certificate from their favorite internet store or shop.  Gift certificates make thoughtful gifts as the recipient is sure to get the gift that they want.

When you give the coworker a gift that they want, and not what they need, the coworker will be excited and pleased that you listened to them.  You will score well as a considerate coworker and friend.

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jswana said:

I never forget that I had a boss who liked different cheese and I bought him a cheese dome, another Manager liked to cook, I had her name in the Grab Bag and I bought her a beautiful pyrex cooking dish set on top of wicker. She raved over it for years. (There was a Sears down the street from the job). I made use of it!
June 21, 2012
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