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How to Make The Best Thick and Juicy Burger

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Written by Susan Golis   

by Susan GolisIf you like burgers then you will love this recipe.  This easy recipe will change a plain burger into a delicious and thick and juicy gourmet  burger.  I make this grilled burger with portabella mushrooms for my family, friends. The portabella mushroom burger is well received and everyone wipes his or her plates clean and a few people ask for seconds.

The recipe is not difficult however you do need to take a few extra preparation steps.  As soon as you bite into this thick juicy and flavorful mushroom burger you will know that it was worth the effort.

Step 1

Gather all of the ingredients for the portabella mushroom burger. Place the ingredients on the kitchen counter. Select a large workspace. Make sure you have enough room, as you will be doing many steps in the preparation of this entrée.

3 pounds 80-20 Ground Round (8oz serving)
6-four to five inch in diameter portabella mushrooms
6 three to four inch whole grain hamburger buns
6 large romaine lettuce leaves
6- Tomato slices
Sea Salt and pepper taste
2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
6 tablespoons of Dijon mustard

You will also need these products:

Small mixing bowl

Chef knife

Pastry brush

Cutting board


Step 2

Brush off the portabella mushrooms with a small towel. Leave the stem on while you are brushing off the mushroom, this will allow you to hold it better. Pop the stem out after the mushrooms are cleaned.

Step 3

Use a pastry brush to apply the olive oil to the mushrooms. Brush extra virgin olive oil on both sides of the caps. Season the portabella mushrooms with sea salt and pepper.

Step 4

Set the grill on medium-high heat.  Grill the mushrooms until they are tender. Cook for two and half minutes on each side. Cook no longer, than five minutes total.

When mushrooms are fully cooked remove from grill and put on a plate cover to keep them hot.


Step 6

by susan golisPut the ground round in a mixing bowl. Add the salt, pepper and the Dijon mustard. Mix thoroughly. Form six-eight ounce hamburger patties. Set the burger patties on the grill and cook at medium high.




Step 7

While burgers are cooking  lightly brush the buns with extra virgin olive oil. Then grill the cut side of the buns until they are golden.  When the buns are done set the buns on the plates and build your hamburger. Set hamburger on bottom bun then top it with lettuce tomato and mushroom on top.




For a well balanced meal serve grilled corn on the cob and baby greens salad topped with roasted tomato, green peppers and onion.

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I love mushroom burgers, and these sound wonderful
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