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How to Plan a St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Party

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Written by Susan Golis   

zazzle posterPlan a St. Patrick's dinner party that will be memorable for you and your guests. On March 17th all Americans are Irish and celebrate St Patrick's Day by drinking green beverages and eating traditional Irish cuisine; potato soup, corned beef and cabbage, Reuben sandwich, or lamb stew.

Many people host parties in their home, they prepare their home for guests; decorate with an Irish green theme and the cook the traditional meal all day long. If you like the idea of having a St. Patrick's dinner party at home but do not like preparation and after clean-up then you may prefer to enjoy the festivities of St. Patrick’s Day by planning a dinner party at a restaurant.


Step 1

Before choosing a location for your dinner party it is wise to have a tentative guest list. This list comes in handy when choosing a restaurant. If you have a large group you may need a banquet room or a connecting table in the main dining room. The guest list will make it easier because you will know what you need in order to have an enjoyable dinner party and will be able to communicate your needs to the restaurant host.

Step 2

Decide on the location for your St. Patrick’s Day Party.  Choose an Irish Pup or restaurant that is serving the traditional corned beef and cabbage meal.

Search online and in the lifestyle section of your local newspaper for St. Patrick’s Day events in your area. Look for city special events, and restaurants or Irish pubs that are offering special Irish theme dinners.

Step 3

Make a list of the events that are to your liking. If you know of the establishment that is offering a traditional dinner with Irish amenities then contact the restaurant or pub to ask questions or to make a reservation for you and the invites. If you have a large group you should inquire about a banquet room. If there is a banquet table that you can reserve it would be nice for a large group to have their own party area. Ask what comes with the dinner. Sometimes the corned beef is served with cabbage, boiled potatoes and carrots and sometimes there is special where coffee or hot tea comes with the dinner.

Step 4

Make your reservation for your St. Patrick’s Dinner Party. Having your party at an Irish restaurant or pub does have benefits; there will be an Irish patrons; lads and lasses, atmosphere, music and traditional Irish-American food with all the side dishes.

Step 5

zazzle invitationOnce you have chosen the location for your St. Patrick’s Day dinner party you would then send out invitations. Include on the invitations the restaurant contact and location information as well as the date and time of the dinner party, and the cost per person for the Irish dinner, unless you intend on paying for the dinner.

Note on the invitation if guests are to dress in green and share the details of the establishment such as live entertainment or costume contest. Post a RSVP no later than March 13th for large groups of 10 or more guests.

For smaller dinner parties it is best to have the confirmation of guests attending St. Patrick's Day dinner party by the 15th of March so you can confirm your reservation with restaurant. By confirming your reservation   the restaurant will know how many guests are coming and will be able to order the right amount of food, schedule the right amount of servers and set your table for the right number of guests.

Step 6

zazzle buttonWhen the dinner plans are completed all you will need to do is to get ready for St. Patrick's Day by selecting your Irish green costume or accessories and choose an Irish joke book for uplifting table conversation.






A few days before March 17th contact your invitees to remind them of the St. Patrick's Dinner Party and to make sure that there are no cancellations. If you find out that guests cannot attend the event then contact the restaurant to let them know of the cancellation. It is better for the restaurant to set up the table for the right amount of guest then for 10 guests to arrive to a table set for 30. If it is a large party and you have given a guarantee of guests you may be charged for the guests that are no shows.

You may want to purchase St. Patrick's Day decorations or table accessories for the dinner party or to give party favors to your guests. Decorating banquet tables is usually okay, check with the restaurant manager before purchasing. Arrive at the Irish restaurant 30 minutes before your reservation. Use this time to add the green party favors to the table and to greet your guest as they arrive.

Plan a St. Patrick’s Day fundraiser dinner party at a Restaurant.  It would be a good way to support your cause.


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