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How to Get Auto Insurance Discounts

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Written by Susan Golis   

Learn how to reduce your premium costs with auto insurance discounts.  Even if you have bad credit you can take advantage of the discounts that are available.  On average if you have bad credit you will pay more for your insurance premium; the exact auto insurance policy will offer a client with good credit a lower out of pocket premium.  So if you want to reduce the out of pocket auto insurance expense then it is wise to take advantage of the many discounts that are available.  Before you look for new auto insurance take time to get organized and follow these tips to get discounted car insurance with bad credit.

Step 1

Gather your information for insurance application.  Make a list of your auto make, year made, features; anti-lock brakes, 4-wheel drive, air bags, security alarm, mileage, and know your weekly mileage. Also gather information pertaining to your driving history; accidents, traffic violations, insurance claims.

Step 2

Compile a list of the top insurance companies; in the US are: Allstate, Geico, Nationwide, State Farm, American Family, Progressive and Liberty Mutual.  Research the companies online to learn more about insurance policies for your needs.  , you can contact these agencies by searching online for insurance quotes or visit with your local agent at insurance office in your vicinity.

Step 4

Fill out the auto insurance application with honest answers to the questions.  In order to get discounted insurance policy bundle insurance by requesting a quote for renters, home, boat or pet insurance.  When you bundle your policy by getting more insurance your premium will be discounted.

Step 5

Choose the auto insurance coverage that you need; theft, accidents, replacement cost, environmental damage from wind, hail, water damage.  If your car is older you may be able to discount your car insurance by lowering your collision premium.


Arrange for a secure line of credit with a security credit card. This type of credit card provides you with the same features and benefits as a regular credit card; however you must deposit the funds into your credit account.  You can only charge purchase’s when money is available.  Every 30 days your credit history is reported to credit bureau and this secure line of credit will improve your bad credit score.

Make sure that the auto insurance coverage that you select works well with your budget.  If you cannot afford the coverage you will struggle to make premium payments and if your payments are late it will affect your credit score.

Make sure there is money in your secure credit account to pay your car insurance premiums.  Pay on time with no lapse or NSF funds and your credit score will improve over time.  When it is time for your auto insurance policy to renew it may be discounted further because your credit score has improved.

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