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How to Get Article Ideas

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Written by Donna Thacker   

Being a freelance writer gives you the creativity to write about anything you want. FireHow allows you to write How To’s on just about anything. At first, you write like mad because you think, “I know how to do a lot of stuff.” Soon, you feel like the well has dried up, and you can’t think of a thing. Don’t get discouraged, we all go through it. You are not out of ideas; you have just used the obvious ones. There are “How To’s” all around us, we just have to tune in to them.

Your daily experiences can make a great article. I once had a terrible experience at the vet’s office. I came home and wrote “How to Behave at the Vet’s Office.” A friend asked me how to make gravy with a pot roast. Yep, I wrote about it! If someone asks you how to do something, you can bet there is someone else out there who would like to know too.

The next time someone calls you on the phone and asks, “Hey, how do I,” you have a potential article in the making. Has someone marveled at something you have done, asking, “How do you do that?” There you go, there is another article. We tend to think in terms of the obvious things we know and do. Sometimes, we can give advice with an article too.

Have you had a bad experience while shopping? You can get several articles out of that. Writing about it also gives you an outlet to vent, so long as you do it professionally. Did you see some very unruly children while you were shopping? Write about how to entertain children while shopping.

Was the clerk curt or rude? Maybe they were really nice or helpful. Ideas that come to mind are, “How to be Nice to Customers when you are having a Bad Day” or “How to Increase Your Customer Service Sales.” See what I am saying about article potential being everywhere? A How To article doesn’t have to be about physically doing something.

Keep a notebook handy to jot ideas into. I get ideas while talking on the phone or doing household chores. Sometimes I even get an idea while I am driving down the road. As soon as I stop, I write it down. I may not have an exact title in mind, but the idea is there. Don’t let yourself get into thinking, “Oh nobody wants to know that” or “Surely people know that already.” I have thought that way, but wrote the articles anyway. Guess what? They get hits!

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