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How to Decide What A Top Treasured Keepsakes Is

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Written by Robert Bowmer   

The Top Most Treasured Keepsakes

Whether you’re a hoarder or someone who loves to have a good clear out of junk every now and then there will be certain things that you’ll never part company with.

These treasured personal items will hold special memories – a gift from someone special, a souvenir from a favourite place visited or perhaps a photograph or letter.

Birthday Memories

One of the most kept items tends to be a souvenir from a significant birthday, anything from a silver key for an 18th or a fun fridge magnet for a 40th.

Cards are also favourite keepsakes whether they are from a person’s own birthday or the birth or first birthday of a child.

Sentimental Value

Jewellery that has been handed down through the generations may never be worn but it will be kept safe and cherished. It could be a grandmother’s engagement ring or a favourite brooch but even if it’s no longer in vogue or isn’t worth much in monetary terms its sentimental value will ensure it has a safe place in a drawer or jewellery box.

A locket or silver heart necklace that was a gift from someone special will have pride of place in any collection of treasured keepsakes and will often be taken out and worn for anniversaries and special occasions.

Love Letters

Women – and also men – often have a love letter tucked away in a drawer that was sent by a first love or a childhood sweetheart, or perhaps a postcard sent from far away. Words from the heart can be comforting to read over and over again and, like all keepsakes, they will bring back strong memories of people, places and days gone by.

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