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How To Tan African American Skin

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When it comes to getting a golden tan, most people think of women with a pale or fair complexion wanting to get darker sunkiss glow. African American women and men come in a variety of shades. There are some that are near white, oatmeal, caramel, brown, dark brown, and near black. Just like any other race, black people want to have a healthy glow to their skin as well, especially in the summer months. This is a short guide to different ways African American women or men can get a natural glow to their skin.

1. For near white, oatmeal, and even some caramel colored African Americans, you can get a tan by going to the tanning salon. Since black skin darkens quicker, you will want to use the shortest time setting on the tanning bed.

For those who rather not risk developing cancer, you can try spray tanners and lotions. Jergens has a few good ones that can be used on African American skin. Also, spray tanning will get rid of any areas of discoloration that many people of color tend to have.

2. For those women that wish to have a tan but are caramel, dark brown, or near black, you may not want to get a tan to get darker, but rather to glow. Try using a gold glitter based lotion. The glitter needs to be very fine so that you don't look like a child playing in glitter. When the sun hits the gold sparkles, your skin will start to glow and look very radiant. Victoria's Secret has many shimmering lotions that contain fine gold glitter flakes that makes black skin just look flawless. This trick really works if you are going to a photoshoot. Stay away from silver glitter flakes as they can make black skin look ashy. Also check into dove and olay shimmering lotions.

3. Use a bronzer. No matter what color your skin is, every African American person can use a bronzer. This will give you a healthy glow to your skin that looks natural as long as you don't use too much. Try applying it with a brush.

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