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How to Groom a Mustache
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Written by Bill Hanks   


Mustaches: Can They Improve a Guy's Appearance? When I got married, the men in my wedding party decided to grow mustaches. We thought that it would be a cool idea and a lot of fun. None of us considered how to grow it though. Mustaches are grown to celebrate special events. A whole community of men decided to grow them in honor of a bicentennial. This article looks at the different types of mustaches that men like to wear.

Styles; Most beginners start growing mustaches without even thinking about the style they want. To my knowledge, and I am a novice, there are eight styles.

Natural; This is just a normal mustache that is not groomed. Fu Manchu; It has a long downward direction, that heads below the chin. Handlebar; This mustache is bushy with the ends pointing upward. Baseball pitcher Rollie Fingers wore this. Horseshoe; This should not be confused with the Fu Manchu. It resembles an upside down horseshoe. Many bikers like to wear this type. Pencil; This is the very small and narrow mustache. Gomez Addams wore one in the Addams family. Toothbrush; This mustache was made popular by Hitler. It is not used too much. Walrus; This covers the entire mouth. It hangs over it and is very bushy. Imperial; It grows from the upper lips and cheeks. It then curls upward. These are the eight basic types. However, some guys grow different types and give them their own name.

Grooming; There is more to growing a mustache. The skill of grooming it with a razor and a comb is very important. Certain mustaches might require using a straight razor. A guy might also want to groom them to match their hair style. Some even groom them to match a fashion statement that they are trying to make. A mustache that is gray looks good with clothing of similar color. A very dark mustache looks good with a solid color in your shirt or sports jacket.

To keep them from growing too far on one side, it is a good idea to use a small ruler. You want to measure thickness and length. Your spouse can assist you with grooming. Trying to groom, by looking in the mirror, can cause problems. When you turn to one side, it hides the other side from your view.

Appearance; Keep it or lose it? Some guys will keep it forever. Others might try something new. Your mustache will accent your appearance. When it is gone, others will notice.

Problems; If you are the outdoor type of person, you can formulate ice on your mustache in extreme cold weather. It can also collect food while you eat. A mustache can even get in your way, while you are trying to eat or drink. some women do not like the mustache. They say it can tickle or even hurt, when they kiss. You can learn to handle these problems with practice.

If you decide to grow a mustache, it takes time to get it the way you want it. Be patient and have fun with it.