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How to Say Hello Around The World
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Written by jswana   

spanish and italianHaving a Spanish Lessons at 12 years old, I guess it was more an Introductory  to the language because it was part of my English Class. Cumma Si Uma is what I came out really remembering, and pacito and a few  more.  Sad.   I never gave this much thought throughout life but maybe the teacher passing me so easily wasn't appropriate since most of my time in the class was spent writing the lessons on the Blackboard. I had the feeling he didn't like writing. He told me that I had the nicest penmanship he'd seen and because I was proud of that, I usually spent the whole period just writing and writing. He passed me with nice grades though not 'flying colors' either. 

Spanish is no doubt our Second Language here in America.   I am now seeking out Spanish Classes at some Churches that offer it. When my son was in High School I was re-introduced to German, which I had as well and liked. Once while still working I was able to relate to a guy from Germany.  It's really nice the way people open up in a Foreign Country to your knowledge of their Language. He spoke less English than I did German, so it was nice.   Aren't we impressed by people who know more than one Language?  I am.  The late accomplished Singer/Actress/Dancer Eartha Kitt knew thirteen languages.  Very impressive for a once little impovershed girl from New Orleans.  Most folks only know her as the Cat Woman who growled in 'Bat Man'.  If  you find yourself abroad and end up in some of these places, you can at least say 'hello'.......

Language of Travel: Stacy Peterson by Chicago Art Department

Szia - Hello in Hungarian  (nice)

Aloha - Hello and Goodbye in Hawaiian   (like that)

Privet - Hello in Russian  (kind of strict sounding)

Mike -  Hello in Hopi an  Indigenous Native American language  (wonderful)

Mbote - Hello in Lingala, a language from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (nice)

Ahoj -   Hello in Slavokian  (nice)

Sawubona - Hello in Zulu  (love the sound)

Sat Sri Akaal - Hello in Punjab which is Indian  (pretty long but nice)

Mingalaba  - Hello in Burmese  (nice)

Selamat Datang - Hello in Malaysian (takes a while to say it)

Ciao - Hello in Italian  (nice)

Labas - Hello in Lithuanian  (cool)

Obscure Language by Wooderferret

Guten Tag! - Hello in German  (cool)

Konnichiwa - Hello in Japanese (love that)

Hola! - Hello in Spanish (didn't know that)

Choni - Hello in Kurdish  (like the sound)

Czcecz  - Hello in Poland (pronounced Chechst, which isn't much easier to me!)

Hei - Norweigen (sounds sweet!)

Kumusta - Tagalog, an Austronesian Language spoken by about a third of Philippines (like that)

Zdravo - Serbian (looks pretty difficult but probably is not)

I covered most of the Seven Continents.  For some reason, I did not get to Anarctica. Australians speak English (Gidday). However, they do have an indigenous people as well who must have a Language.  I will see what I can find of some of that Anarctica Continent's Language as well as indigenous People of Australia!  I've never met anyone from Anarctica.  Have you?

This is just the tip of the iceburg. I am going to add more for myself and to share.  Maybe it will encourage us to learn to speak more languages or just the basics.  For those who are multi-lingual, I am sure that it's great having people open up to your knowledge of their language.  They smile.  They expound.  Imagine being in a Country and only a few spoke English.  I shudder to think!