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How to Get Free Birth Control in Wisconsin

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Free Birth Control Wisconsin

Did you know you can get free birth control and other family planning services even if you are employed and own your own home? The Wisconsin State Department of Health Services (DHS) offers free Family Planning Services to income eligible women and men throughout Wisconsin. The purpose of the Family Planning Services is to prevent unwanted pregnancies and stop Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). As a recipient of Family Planning Services coverage you may continue to see your own doctor, as long as he/she accepts insurance provided by the State of Wisconsin.


DETERMINE ELIGIBILITY. To be eligible for the Family Planning Waiver (FPW), you must be a man or woman who is a US Citizen (or has proof of immigration status), age 15 through 44, and who meets income requirements. Currently, the income limit is 200% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). If you wish to find out if you are eligible for FPW, as well as other assistance programs, you can complete a short, confidential questionnaire on the Access Wisconsin website. See the link below, under Resources, "Am I Eligible?"


APPLY FOR BENEFITS. If you believe you may be eligible for the Family Planning Waiver, you can apply for benefits on line, at the Access Wisconsin website. (See link under Resources: "Apply for Benefits.") You may also apply through your Local County or Tribal Agency. A list of those agencies is available under Resources, "Find Your Local County or Tribal Agency."

You may also apply for temporary enrollment in FPW at many Planned Parenthood Clinics, throughout Wisconsin. When you apply at a Planned Parenthood clinic, you will be given a temporary ForwardHealth card. To continue your benefits beyond the initial temporary enrollment period, you will need to contact your local agency and complete the formal application process.


USE YOUR BENEFITS. Once enrolled in the Family Planning Waiver, you can go to any clinic or doctor's office that accepts the ForwardHealth card. FPW covers family planning related office visits and pap smears, STD testing, natural family planning supplies and contraceptives (birth control). It also covers the costs of tubal ligation or vasectomy. You can fill your prescriptions at any pharmacy that accepts your ForwardHealth card, including most national chains.



If you enroll at any clinic or facility other than your Local County or Tribal Agency, your enrollment will expire in 30 to 60 days. You must contact your local agency to complete the formal application process in order to keep you benefits.



Am I Eligible?
Apply for Benefits
Find County and Local Tribal Agencies
Wisconsin Department of Health Website



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