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How to get perfect self-tan
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Written by roanna   

You are probably burning with the desire to have perfect sun kissed skin for the summer season. The decision is made towards using the self tanning products.  As the choice is made for achieving the perfect glow skin you can start through working out the following steps: 

1.Check if the self-tanning product that you chose is the one that your skin can tolerate.

Yes, you can be happy with the smell, and appearance of your self-tanning products, and it might have the best reviews, you will still need to test it, as the ingredients that are used in self-tanners are potentially allergic. A day before you are planning the self-tanning procedure, test the product on the inside of your arm.

 2. Prepare the skin!

After allergy test is done with, make sure to devote time to preparing your skin.Wax or shave at least 24 hours before using self-tanner. If you do so just before the procedure you may end up having visually darker tiny spots on the place of the hairs that been removed. Shower and exfoliate the skin in the areas that usually contain a lot of dry skin like elbows and knees with the bath brush. Your skin should be dry and not treated with body lotions, oils or other hydrating products.

 3. Rub the self-tanner evenly beginning with your tights down to your ankles, then to front of your torso. Then cover your hands going from shoulders down to the wrists.

4. Don’t forget to tan your face. To prevent the pale spots that will surely stand out if you miss them like hairline, back of your neck and ears.

5. Wash you hands thoroughly with soup after the application. Dry them up and then apply a thin layer of self-tanning lotion or spritz with aerosol.

6. If streaks and other signs of uneven tanning will appear scrub them with the strong exfoliate or a special tan remover. Ideally that should be done within 4 hours of the self-tanning application. If pale spots come to your attention, just rob a little bit of the self-tanned into them.

7. Now to maintain the tan longer keep your skin hydrated and try to avoid skin scrubbing products and spent less time in the pool or soaking in the bath. The tan will usually go away in 10-12 days, as the outer layer of your skin will shed.