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How to Propose for Marriage
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Written by Bill Hanks   

The biggest question any individual male will ask is that of, "Will you marry me?" It doesn't matter where you ask or how you ask, you still have to do it. I remember proposing to my wife by telling her that I was considering asking her. Big mistake on my part. By telling her I was considering, we were both left in a state of confusion.

A fellows hands get wet and clammy, his stomach churns, and he often stutters or gets what I call throat cramps. www.menshealth.com has some ideas how to nail the important part.

Be Prepared; Since a proposal is the biggest presentation that you will ever do, handle it with more fervor than anything else you do. Practice the words while you are driving your car or alone in your room. The more you practice saying what you want, the easier it will be. If it doesn't sound right, change it. Keep this in mind. No matter how hard you try, you might still mess up. It's common for most guys to do so. Just don't let your nerves get messed up in the process.

Cut out the Garbage; Television and movie proposals are very poetic. Yuck! Most guys aren't poets. They're just average Joe's in the stream of social life. They don't have time to do takes and cuts like in the movies. The more complex the speech, the more nervous both individuals will get. If she is half intelligent, she will know what's coming her way. If the fella goes on and on, she might start to wonder, "Well is he going to ask or not?" It's okay to explain a bit why you want to get married but, the bottom line is the proposal itself, so get to it.

Be a Gentleman; Don't get too elaborate with the way you ask. www.theknot.com says that 67% of all women just simply prefer the question, "Will you marry me?" A guy doesn't want to create so much confusion that the girl asks herself,"Did I just get engaged or did he ask me to move in with him?" Always have the ring ready to do. 37% of all women think that it is a necessity to have a ring the moment of the proposal. Forgetting to have a ring could be a big blunder. So before you approach her, have the ring in the box ready to go on your body.

Getting on the Knee: This depends on where you are at. If you are alone, it is a fantastic idea to get down on one knee. However, if you are in a restaurant or with a group of people, you are making a scene. Some women don't like being the center of attention in a large group.

At a Restaurant; If you propose at a restaurant, do it at the appetizer not during the desert. As soon as you have seated and ordered drinks and your food, you usually have a period of time that I call lull time. Not much is going on. You are usually checking out your surroundings to get acquainted with the place. This is the perfect time to ask her.

Giving her time; So guys will say,"Do you need time to think about it?" Duhhhh! If you are in love, what is there to think about? However, for some a proposal is quite a bombshell. Some ladies aren't expecting the question and that causes confusion. In some ways by giving them time to think is like giving them a way out. If they need the time, let them ask you for time to think about it.

Don't set a date; You will both be so excited about the idea of getting married, that you won't be mentally prepared to set a date. Take your time and confer with the families. Remember, it is one think to ask your lady, it is another thing to ask the parents. Old school has it were you have to ask them before anything is final. Many times your lady will be with you when you ask or tell them. Get it over with; Asking someone to marry you is nerve wracking to both of you. Do it quick and move on.

A memory forever; Regardless of your approach, you will both remember your proposal the rest of your life. You will find yourselves recalling the event occasionally. As I started this article out. It is the biggest question you will ever ask.