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How to Back Up Your eHow Articles With Google Docs

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Written by mjmetz   

Ehow Articles or any other online content can easily be backed up with Google Documents. If you haven't tried Google Docs, you should, it has some really great features.

1. Bring up your article list on eHow in one browser tab or window. The URL to do this looks like: http://www.ehow.com/members/mjmetz-articles.html. Of course you will need to substitute YOUR user name for mine in the example URL.

2. Bring up Google Documents in another browser tab or window and click the UPLOAD option. Google Docs can be found at http://docs.google.com.

3. Right click on an article title in the Ehow window and select 'Copy Link Location'. This will copy the URL into your paste buffer.

4. Paste the eHow article URL into the Google box titled 'Or enter the URL of a file on the web:' and click the 'Upload File' button. Pasting can be accomplished by using Control-V or Edit-Paste from your browser menu.

5. Your eHow article has now been backed up. Repeat this process until you have backed up all your articles.

Tips & Warnings You may also wish to create a folder for your eHow articles to separate them from your other documents.

Try Google Docs for saving your other important files, such as spreadsheets and Word Documents.

Be careful you don't accidentally upload the same article more than once. Google Docs will gracefully accept this, it won't catch your error.

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