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How To: Access Windows on a "Go" Senior's Computer - and Why

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How To: Access Windows on a "Go" Senior's computer - and why.

MyGait is a heavily advertised computer that tells seniors all the work is done for them.  They are told when they purchase this computer, all of their troubles will be over forever.  However, what they don't tell seniors is that the computer has no optical disk, printer drivers, or any software except the "Go" browser.  So you cannot print your email or watch movies.

And the problem is, the "Go" browser auto-boots every time, you never get to see the any of the familiar Windows screens.  Yet, the underlying operating system is good old Windows XP Home Edition.  If you wish to install any other software or hardware on the MyGait, you must first install an external DVD drive.  I recommend you install the external DVD drive, then at least install software to play DVDs and a basic word processor or Open Office.

Hint: install a DVD burner, not just a DVD-ROM.  This will enable you to burn and copy both DVDs and CDs.  Yes, a DVD burner will burn and play CDs.  Do not bother with a read-only device, you will eventually be disappointed and the difference in price between a read-only and a read-write DVDis only a few dollars.  Note: You MUST install burning software before you can create DVDs or CDs on your computer.  For directions how to install optical disk software on your computer, read my FireHow article:

How To: Install disk burning software on your PC - and why.

Once you have installed the drive, the hard part is over and you should be able to continue on your own.   Thus, you are getting two-for-one, that by showing you how to install the DVD, you will also learn how to get to Windows on the "Go" computer.

Directions to Install a DVD burner on a MyGait "Go" computer:

Have your DVD device ready, but NOT plugged into the computer.  This article assumes you have a DVD that is powered by the USB cable, not a power transformer.

1. Turn on an boot up the "Go" computer.  Wait until the splash screen appears, but DO NOT click on the big green "Go" button.

2. Now press ctrl-esc.  Note that on many "Go" keyboards, the esc key is labeled "ES". You should see the Windows start menu appear on the lower left corner.  Click on it to open.

3. You will see only two options in the right column of the start menu.  "Network places" and "Printers and Faxes" Click on "Printers and Faxes" to open the "Printers and Faxes" window.

4. Read down the left-side navigation panel until you see "Other Places" and open that menu if it is not already open. You should see familiar options, such as "My Documents" and "My Computer".  This is your ONLY access to the Windows operating system when using a "Go" computer.

5. Click on "My Computer" to open the "My Computer" window. Plug in the USB cable from your DVD player and wait for the system to detect the new drive.  It should, as all new DVD players are plug and play devices. There you go.

You have now installed a DVD player.  Pop in a CD and see if you can here the music, since the "Go" computer comes with the dreaded Windows Media Player.  If you want to watch a DVD movie, you will have to install a third-party DVD player such as PowerDVD.


Note that DVD devices come in two types, those with a separate power transformer, and those that tap power off one or two USB ports.  If you have one that needs two USB ports, you must plug it directly into the computer without using a USB hub.

Disclaimer: veryatlantic‚ĄĘ is a non-technical source for advice and entertainment and is not responsible for any damages under any theory. All posts sacrifice technical accuracy for user-friendliness. If unsure, get help. Please feedback errors for correction.

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