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How to use the Big Kahuna Stick for Skateboards

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Written by Bill Hanks   

Just reading the title will make you wonder, "What it a Big Kahuna Stick?" The Kahuna Stick could revolutionize the way skateboard riding is done. For the first time ever, a new means of moving a skateboard has been found. Now instead of using just your feet, you can use a Big Kahuna stick. Although they are being used for skateboards on the west coast, they were actually designed for the long boards. For those of you that don't know, a long board is longer than the skate board. It has wheels like a skate board.

The Big Kahuna Stick has a barrel shaped handle and a gentle tapered oval shaft to give a great feel to the paddle that only weighs 16 ounces. A fabric print is sealed under the handle to give it a great look. The tip is designed with dual high performance rubber contacts. It gives you the feel of a paddle on the pavement. The unique thing about the stick is that it allows for a slight spring, when it used correctly. Just like a boat paddle, it takes some time to learn how to execute the stick properly.

For the first time, individuals can now navigate a long board or skateboard without getting off to use their feet. With some practice, you can even go uphill on some grades.

Recently, Mathew McConaughey was spotted using a stick on a long board. Skateboarders have picked up on the use of the Big Kahuna Stick. Using the stick, builds upper body strength and cardiovascular fitness as well. The length of the stick depends on the height of the individuals. For example a 6 foot long stick is used for individuals over 5-11. A 5 foot 6 inch stick is used for individuals between 5-6 and 5-11. The five foot stick is for those under 5-5.

You can read more about the Big Kahuna Stick at http://www.kahunacreations.com/links. I believe that in time, this will become a big asset to skateboarders.

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